Can you win too much money on the lottery? YES!

A team of individuals passionate for Wales to have its own lottery, having secured S4C’s interest in a broadcast deal, came to us to explore whether the people of Wales would value their own lottery, and if so how should it look?

Over two waves of research and a workshop we brought the needs of the Welsh community to life and helped develop the proposition that is now Loteri Cymru which was launched in April 2017.

We came to two key outcomes. Counter-intuitively for a lottery, people did not want to win millions on their own Welsh lottery. They felt far more comfortable knowing that their money was being channelled back into projects that would help Welsh people. In terms of prize money they were more motivated by winning smaller sums of money than becoming overnight millionaires. Small sums of money are enablers, rather than making a life changing difference to lifestyles. If you win £25,000 you would still live in the same house, have the same neighbours, but be able to buy a new car, help your child with university fees, or other cherished needs.

In the same vein, the good causes supported by a Welsh lottery should not be grandiose schemes, but allow smaller improvements to be made within local communities. Schemes such as giving tangible education opportunities in deprived areas or keeping a village hall open were most positively received.

The Loteri Cymru was born and a dedicated charity, Hanford Cymru was created to distribute money raised for good causes with the explicit goal of enriching community life throughout the nation.